Generally, established businesses with a mature value proposition, seeking to accelerate growth will benefit most from the clustering process and are strongly encouraged to participate.

These include companies that wish to extend existing products into new markets and those who are developing new products/services off an established base and are seeking additional capital, capability or capacity.

Start-up and very early stage projects are welcome to engage with us, but in most cases we will help you connect with local organisations and programs specifically designed to assist with the start-up phase of the business cycle.

The cluster does not provide business services directly. We will however, provide guidance and advice to assist you with valuable connections that are most likely to result in a successful outcome. This includes facilitating cross-industry awareness and direct connections/introductions to sources of skills, market access, technical resources and capital.

If you are a Medical Devices business in South Australia, or seek to collaborate with same, we want to hear from you. We will provide guidance and advice as to the best way forward.